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Divya Bharti Death - Mystery, Photos

What is the mystery or reason behind Divya Bharti’s death ? Was it suicide or murder ? It has been 20 years since she died but the controversy still hounds us. The girl who was in the peak of her career suddenly left us in mysterious circumstancs. Most of the readers who read this, were in the school when Divya died.

Divya Bharti has the rare achievement of being the only actress in the world who had three back to back releases and all three were super hits.  She reigned in the early 90s and some of the movies that were in her kitty were Darr, Mohra and Laadla In fact, Divya had even begun shooting for Laadla.  She was on top of the game with amazing performances in movies like  Deewana, Vishwatma, Dil Ka Kya Kasoor and Shola aur Shabnam.   ‘Aisi Deewangi’, a song from Deewana had her dancing with Shah Rukh Khan, all the way to our hearts. Everything was going good, she was the highest paid actress and it looked like she would upset the triumwave of Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi and Juhi Chawla, when death snatched her on April 5, 1993.

Divya’s father Om Prakash Bharati has a lot to say about this brilliant talent, He says “ Divya was our first born. Every girl somewhere desires to be an actress and so did Divya. When she was in school, she did print ads for sarees. Diya did almost 10 Telugu movies and around 12 Hindi movie around 1992-94. She was a top paid star but she remained the simple girl. A bar of chocolate was enough to make shoot for the entire day. She was happy to stay in an ordinary hotel and had no qualms about sleeping under hairdresser’s bed. “

“One she handed me a signing amount saying she had given Rs. 500 from it to someone who needed it. She’d take children to Manish Market and buy gifts for them and ask shopkeers to collect money from Sajid. She never carried money. While shooting for Dil Aashna Hai, the Maharani of Jodhpur grew very fond of her. While shooting for some scenes for Mohra (which Raveena replaced after her demise) in a jail, even the prisoners became her fan."

“As an actor, she’d never forget her dialogue, she hardly gave retakes. She’d laughing one moment and shooting a sad scene the next. She was like a child and she would tell David Dhawan, the director. ‘ Tujhe toh akal nahin hain (you have no sense). She’d call choreographer Saroj Khan ‘moti’ (fat) in jest. Then there was a top South Indian director who’d not come on sets because she was afraid of Divya’s antics. One day she pulled his hair from behind and said, ‘I am told you are afraid of me. From then on, they became friends. Once she even hit Mithun Chakraborty in fun. He was naturally upset. But he said, “I like her” and then they went on to sign a film together. Once at China Garden restaurant in Mumbai where Sajid, Govinda and she had gone to celebrate her birthday, she stood on the bonnet of the car and started dancing. When Sajid reprimanded her, Govinda said, “This is what life means”

Divya Bharti loved to have fun, her inimitable style of justifying it was, “ Chalna yaar, jaane de na yaar” (Come on dude, let it be) and she would keep laughing a lot. Once she had scratched Shah Rukh Khan on the sets of Dil Aashna Hai. The next day, Shah Rukh Khan’s secretary called up to say that he would not work with her. But later SRK said, “ I said this just to scare her. She is a bachhi (child).”

How did Divya Bharti die - Was it murder or suicide ?

Divya’s father narrates, “On the day of her death, Divya Bharati was roaming around with a bandage on her foot so that she could avoid going to Hyderabad for a shoot. We went to Bandra to see a flat. We also spent time with our neighbors at Pali Hill. She told them she’d come back the next day for a special rice dish. It was past 10 pm, when she got a call from Sajid saying that designer Neeta Lulla was waiting for her. We let her go. In the lift, she met Sajid who was to fly to Mauritius the next day. There were four of them, Neeta, her psychiatrist husband Sunil Lulla, our maid Amrita and Divya at home, when she fell.”

He  adds, “There was no question of suicide or murder. Yes, she did drink a bit but how much can you drink in half an hour? And she was not depressed. It was an accident; she sat on the ledge, lost her balance and fell. Sadly all flat had grills except hers. Cars would always be parked below but that night there was not a single one. She fell directly on the ground. I was shocked and lost my sense. But eventually you have to face the truth. "

“I don’t know when she married Sajid, perhaps it was in Ajmer. But she was happy. All accusations against Sajid and his alleged connection with Dawood Ibrahim are rubbish. I have found my Divya in Sajid’s wife Wardha. She introduces me as her ‘father’. So does Sajid. I don’t like to disturb him but whenever I do visit him, everyone in his office stands up saying, “Daddy aye(Daddy’s here) Sajid even keeps a trial show of his film for me. Sajid’s mother Saba is also a wonderful lady. Till date she cries for Divya”

“I don’t believe in making a show of my feelings by printing a Shraddanjali in the papers. What is gone is gone, but it remains in the heart.”

Divya Bharati’s mother Mita  tells what happened that fateful day. “ That day, she got a beauty treatment done and then went to see an apartment with her dad and her brother Kunal in Bandra. She was told ‘After you return from Mauriitus, you will get the keys. ‘She started dancing on the street , she was quite excited about the house. She spent the evening with our old neighbors in Pali Hill when she got a call from Sajid saying that Neeta Lulla (costume designer) had come to discuss costumes. Kunal dropped Divya at Sajid’s house in Tulsi Apartments, Versova. Kunal had just reached home when we received a call that Divya had fallen from the 5th floor.”

There are theories that Divya Bharti was pushed to death or that she was hooked on to drugs.
. Her mother says, “Yes, Divya had taken a bit of Mauritian Rum but I can bet that she never took drugs. I used to be with her all the time. Had she been taking drugs, it would have reflected in her work. But yes, she had a self destructive streak. A few months before her death, she had gone to America. There she got upset about something and burnt herself with cigarette and stubs. Those marks were still there when she died. Also during ‘Radha Ka Sangam’ phase (a movie that she was removed from to be replaced with Juhi Chawla), she was disturbed about something and had slashed her wrists. She’d harm herself in anger.”

Mita says, “I have never asked Neeta Lulla or her husband Shyam about what happened that night. What’s gone is gone, if I ask, it can only pain me more. Reportedly, Neeta said that she was watching TV with her husband when Divya went to the balcony. She must have sat on the ledge, lost her balance and fallen. Our maid Amrita who has been with Divya since her birth, was in the kitchen then. Unable to bear the loss, she also died of heart attack within a month. I don’t blame anyone, it was destiny.”

Divya Bharti died on April 5 and was cremated two days later. Mita was in depression for ten years but she is now reconciled to the fact that she has to be there for her son’s family, children and wife. She says, , “I often saw Divya in my dreams. On days, when I had to wake up early, she would appear in my dream and wake me up. Wardha says that Divya often appeared in her dreams too. She’s see Divya in her dreams too, she would be on one side of Sajid while she(Wardha) would be on the other side. But after six years of marriage, Divya stopped reappearing.”

Divya Bharti - Movies List 

1990    Bobbili Raja        Telugu
1990 Nila Penne           Tamil
1991 Naa Ille Naa Swargam Telugu
1992 Rowdy Alludu Telugu
1992 Dharma Kshetram Telugu
1992 Assembly Rowdy Telugu
1992 Vishwatma         Hindi
1992 Shola Aur Shabnam Hindi Lux Face of the Year
1992 Dil Ka Kya Kasoor Hindi
1992 Jaan Se Pyaara        Hindi
1992 Deewana Kaajal Hindi Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut
1992 Balwaan Deepa Hindi
1992 Dushman Zamana Hindi
1992 Dil Aashna Hai Hindi
1992 Geet                 Hindi
1992 Chittamma Mogudu Telugu
1992 Dil Hi To Hai Hindi
1993 Tholi Muddhu Telugu
1993 Andha Insaaf Hindi
1993 Kshatriya          Hindi
1993 Rang Kajal                Hindi
1993 Shatranj        Hindi

Incomplete films of Divya Bharti which were replaced by other actresses

1994 Mohra   Replaced by Raveena Tandon
1994 Laadla   Replaced by Sridevi
1994 Vijaypath  Replaced by Tabu
1995 Andolan   Replaced by    Mamta Kulkarni
1995 Kartavya   Replaced by Juhi Chawla
1995 Angrakshak Replaced by Pooja Bhatt
1995 Hulchul   Replacedby Kajol
1995 Kanyadaan  Replaced by Manisha Koirala

Divya Bharti Photos 


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